About Me

As a Human Resources executive I’ve seen first-hand how cultivating a strong personal brand can position a person for career growth.  I’ve learned that 1) being crystal clear about who I am and what I stand for, 2) communicating this perspective to others, and 3) maintaining a rock solid reputation are fundamental principles of brand building.  And I put these lessons to good use in many organizations during my career; including Viacom Media Networks, JPMorgan Chase, Ernst & Young, Citibank, Entergy Services, and TIAA-CREF. 

I’ve coached individuals with varied interests, backgrounds, and experiences.  Regardless of their professional aspirations, I’ve been able to support them in taking their careers to the next level.  I do this by adhering to four core beliefs.

  1. Every individual has a personal brand whether they are conscious of it or oblivious to the notion. 
  2. A personal brand is the summation of the value you brings to others, the image you wish others to perceive, and the reputation you have with others over the course of time. 
  3. A personal brand can be developed through intentional activities that serve to raise the visibility of the individual and promote long term affiliations.
  4. Organizations can benefit from the personal brands of their employees when they link them to recognized employee development practices. 

The coaching process I use is easy to understand and collaborative.  To learn more click here.  I truly believe we are empowered to achieve our life ambitions; especially when we act in ways that bring satisfaction to those around us.  Let me help you get started today.

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